Why Choose Us

Three words to describe Natalie are empathetic, passionate, and caring. She deeply cares for others, putting their needs before her own. Those same traits made her the perfect candidate to serve in third-world countries, advocating for the needs of individuals who are marginalized. Natalie takes those values into her real estate career as an authentic and committed agent who will always go to bat for her client’s needs. 

Passionate about her work, Natalie plans a strategy session with each of her clients in order to get a deeper sense of their needs and goals. After being able to understand her client’s long-term goals, family dynamics, and dreams, Natalie will go above and beyond to be successful in those goals, whatever that may look like. She is a recipient of the Five Star Award for real estate, featured by Voyage Denver, Denver Women’s Magazine, and Shoutout Colorado. 

Although proud of her professional achievements, Natalie is most proud of her son’s progress in life. As a kid with special needs, he has made such incredible progress and has a heart full of character and integrity.

Spending time being active outside is something Natalie loves to do when she has free time. Whether it’s hiking a trail in the mountains, ATVing, camping, or jet skiing on a lake, she loves to stay active and soak up the sunshine. She has traveled to many places around the world such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Mexico, and the Bahamas while learning and experiencing the beauty and hospitality of each culture along the way.  As someone who goes out of her way to challenge herself, Natalie is inspired most by individuals who dare to do what seems impossible to others.

Natalie’s words to live by: “Lead from Love” which she adopted from her life coach, Kamille Rose Taylor.

Professional Proficiencies

  • Acreage Expert

  • Renovations + Remodels

  • Historic Homes Expert

  • Denver Metro + North Denver Focused

Personal Passions

  • Adventures in the Back Country — Hiking, ATV-ing, Jet Skiing, Camping

  • Playing Board Games w/ Friends

  • Self-Proclaimed Cookie Lover

  • Holistic Health

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