Connection from the Heart

Ask anyone of my former students that had me as a teacher, before I became a full time realtor, and they will tell you they initially thought I was the meanest human being on the planet! It's absolutely hilarious because by the end of their semester with me, they had quickly realized that I was genuinely kind, authentic and cared so deeply about them. RBF... you know, the condition that causes some individual's faces to look like their a b*&ch. It's a condition I have suffered with for many years, but I promise that despite my rough exterior, I am super kind and compassionate and friendly. As a side note, if you ever see me in the grocery store, just walk up and say "hi". The point to all of this is that we are all so deprived of true human connection. Society has made it simple to disconnect by using our devices... which the use of them can have some benefits (like my attempt to connect with you here). 

I never really realized how much I had tried to disconnect from individuals. I had guarded my heart from people in an effort to self-preserve and protect, which actually only left me feeling more alone. Special K has been the biggest blessing in my life (#Imblessed - you will better understand this reference if you watch the movie "Night School"). All joking aside, K. truly has been an incredible blessing. What an awesome privilege to raise a child with special needs. I never know what curve ball will get thrown at me, which has helped me be more flexible in the rather pre-determined  and rigid plans I tend to make. Additionally, raising a special needs child has taught me to be more patient, to rely more heavily on my spouse. It has taught me that not everyone I encounter in life will understand the daily battles and struggles that I face, heck - it has even taught me that it's okay to lose "friends" because they don't understand your child. And, let me be perfectly clear here, I have lost many friends to this "invisible disability" that Special K has. You get it right?..., when you can't see something wrong with a kiddo, it's easier to assume that there is nothing wrong ;) I am grateful for these things, yet, more than anything, special needs parenting has taught me how desperately I crave and long for connection. 

This is what I hope you get from reading my occasional blog post. I hope you read about an entrepreneur that runs a business (soon to be more than one) as a realtor in the Denver area. I hope that you feel inspired that despite the circumstances in your life, you can rise above them or embrace them. I have learned that fighting my circumstances, just makes them that more difficult, but embracing them, that's a game changer (I sometimes forget this though). I hope that you feel encouraged that it is okay to be authentically you and that you don't have to fit some mold that you were told to fit, this is the beautiful chaos of special needs parenting. I hope that you feel like you have come to a place where it's okay to laugh, read sarcasm, learn that occasionally you can feel sorry for yourself (just don't sit in this place too long). I hope that you find a place where you experience authentic connection. Because, let me be honest with you, we wouldn't have the problems we do today in society if we could learn to truly connect with one another. I hope that regardless of whether you are a special needs parent, a parent or no parent at all that you find a place where you feel you belong. 

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