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Connection from the Heart

Ask anyone of my former students that had me as a teacher, before I became a full time realtor, and they will tell you they initially thought I was the meanest human being on the planet! It's absolutely hilarious because by the end of their semester with me, they had quickly realized that I was genuinely kind, authentic and cared so deeply about them. RBF... you know, the condition that causes some individual's faces to look like their a b*&ch. It's a condition I have suffered with for many years, but I promise that despite my rough exterior, I am super kind and compassionate and friendly. As a side note, if you ever see me in the grocery store, just walk up and say "hi". The point to all of this is that we are all so deprived of true human connection. Society has made it simple to disconnect by using our devices... which the use of them can have some benefits (like my attempt to connect with you here). 

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