Welcome! I'm Natalie, a real estate agent in the greater North Denver area. Thornton, Broomfield, Westminster, Brighton and Commerce City are just a few of the areas that I specialize in. 

I fell in love with Colorado while growing up in the Four Corners area. There was always something so captivating and beautiful about the Rocky Mountains that drew me in. Seventeen years living in the greater Denver area and I can't imagine calling any other place home. 

I enjoy many outdoor activities like: hiking, ATVing, camping, rappelling, paddle boarding and boating (we are still a work in progress on this last one). When I am not working with my amazing clients, I am spending time with my family - probably enjoying one of these activities. 

Feel free to laugh out loud at my clumsiness as many of my clients have witnessed it on more than one occasion. While we are out searching for your next home or getting ready to list yours, let's have some fun! Oh, and just so you know, my past clients are some of my closest friends (turned family I get to choose), so you will have to excuse the Italian in me that tries to feed everyone and welcome them to the family (in a non-mafia way).  

Admittedly, it's safe to summarize me with the following statement... I am a real estate and cookie connoisseur, late night home peruser, constant renovator, Colorado hiker and scene hunter, go-getter, comfy clothes lover, "Fixer Upper" fan, bonds with your fur babies at open houses, authentic realtor. 

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